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I worked most of my life working an 8 to 5 job, which allowed  my wife, Amy, and I to raise 4 great children.  I'm still working a day job, but as the children have all gotten to adult age, I now get to spend more time on music.  I may be late to the solo performance scene, so my name may not be as familiar, but I bring a unique blend of acoustic guitar with my baritone vocals.


I am inspired mostly by the 1970's storytellers such as Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Don McClean and James Taylor to name a few...but mostly Jim Croce. Just like those artists, I bring an honest set of music to my performances.  I really enjoy playing true country music of George Strait and Kris Kristofferson, as well as newer artists who keep it real like Jamey Johnson.



I am fortunate to have a musical family and love playing music with my children and brother-in-laws. I have met a group of local musicians hosting the Gatsby's Open Mic event, who have helped me fine-tune my playing with their styles and exposed me to other genres of music over the past few years.  I have met local artists like Brad Moore, Steven Brunton, Annie Hawe, Joe Spino, Carl Bennett, Gabrielle Johnston, Garry Selfinger to name just a few.


Not to mention local favorites such as John Schwab, Dave Heinmiller, Eric Solomon, as well as Alex, Martin and Pete Stadler have all provided some level of influence. 


Of course, most of my influence and drive to play comes from local artist and entertainment great, AJ Angelo.  What energy he brings to a crowd!  It's hard to watch what he does and not say, "damn... I wish I was able to do that!". 

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